Bishop Gill Belec, Author

The Lord's Table Revisited

The creative Holy Spirit of God moves, hovers, flutters over the Lord's Table, much as He did over creation (Genesis 1:1-2). There is a specific moment during the Communion service when a commemorative meal becomes alive with God's power and glory. In this book you will discover riches of glory in Christ that are designed to affect your everyday life, uncover mysteries the early apostolic church experienced that empowered them to work the works of God, and learn device principles and facts about how certain physical acts, when done correctly, release spiritual dynamics that govern our lives. Many questions about the Lord's Table are answered and offer clarity for solid expectation of the Table's benefits. Was Eve a type of the church? If so, where does that put our church today? What roles does she have in preparation for Christ's coming? Why has unity among church remained so elusive? These and many other questions are answered in this book, and Pastor Belec unveils a key component the church has missed out on for so long that it has, unfortunately, left her weak, anemic, and ineffective in the face of ridicule and mockery. The Lord's Table Revisited is a must-read for believers in search of real faith, real witness, and a real and dynamic relationship with Christ.

How to Avoid Deadlock in your Wedlock

What keeps the human heart alive and hopeful is the innate desire to love and be loved. However, the meaning and definition of love can get lost quickly in today's exploitation of sex and self-gratification, and or, past experiences of pain and sorrow. Dianne and I have discovered a few secrets that have unlocked the volt of a truly blissful relationship between us that we're sure will bless you as you read this book. As you look at the contents, chapter by chapter, you'll be eager to search out those special keys that open new dimensions of joy an satiisfaction.

Are You Not More Important than the Sparrows

We must come to that place where our personal worth, esteem significance is FIRST found in God our Creator. Understanding that, we are created in His image and likeness. This reality is fundamental in discovering His all-sufficient grace during the most difficult times of our lives. Being received and approved by our peers is extremely important, of course, but what upholds us when seemingly forsaken by all? It will be the fact that we matter to Him who is not ashamed to identify Himself as our brother.